Project Description


Web development is expediting at an aggressive rate. Better and user-friendly interfaces are in demand.


We considered these 4 factors in establishing a strategy for our website design:

  • Determine Goal

What is the purpose of the redesign and what are the measurable outcome(s)?

  • Define Brand

What is the message and unique value proposition?

  • Define Buyer and Design Persona

Who is the defined target audience? How do you want them to perceive you?

  • Analyze Competition

Who are the top-ranked competitors and how do we distinguish ourselves?


We needed to distinguish ourselves from our competitors by honing our unique value proposition (UVP). We needed to tell our main user persona the problem we were addressing and how our solution was better than the alternatives.


Content creation including web copy, blogs, and premium content. Website redesign and implementation and marketing automation implementation.


69% increase in traffic in just 3 months.